Tuesday, November 18, 2008


You mean, the Bible isn't a reference text?


A visually stunning two-hour special edition of "Nova" examines decades of archaeological studies that contradict much of what is in the Bible. The entire Exodus story is debunked, as is the idea that the Israelites were monotheistic following the contract made between God and Abraham. It turns out idol worship was common through the reign of King David and right up to the Babylonian exile.

Is the Bible the word of God? Only if God dictated it to dozens, maybe hundreds, of different writers, each of whom wrote and modified stories using different patterns of language over a period of centuries.


No shit? I thought the world was 6000 years old and there was this big, white haired guy sitting in the sky keeping score?

You wonder why the world is so fucked up? This, or some form of it, has set the course for humanity since we fell from the trees. Some idiot found Dick n' Jane, and other children's stories 2000 years ago and used it as a manual.

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