Thursday, November 20, 2008

Teflon Joe!

Some Ideas For Lieberman's "Kick Me Outta The Party, I Freakin' Dare Ya" Campaign

The Georgetown Sleep-Around - Lieberman should begin seducing the wives of his fellow democratic Senators, trying to see how many Senator wives he can bed before the Democrats get angry enough to attempt to pass a resolution chastising Lieberman for being a D-bag. The resolution will fail to pass by eleven votes.

Down The Hatch - Lieberman should start voting with Orrin Hatch 90% of the time. If no one says anything, go for 100%. If no one says anything then, Joe should start concocting conservative positions of his own and convince Orrin Hatch to vote with him.

Hot-Crotching The Filibuster - Anytime one of his fellow Democratic senators gets ready to filibuster a bill, Joe should sneak into the Dem locker room and douse that Senator's jock with Liquid Heat ointment. Then Joe should watch the Filibuster giggling as the Senator tries to keep talking without running off the Senate floor to dip his nuts in a Gatorade jug.

Don't ask how I know this, but gettin' hot-crotched ain't funny. Except to everybody else.

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