Saturday, February 19, 2011

Come on out, F-Man!

Click to emhugen day I'm gonna fly out there and surprise Gordon and Mrs. G. ... In the summer - Fixer at this post.

Oh, poo on summer! There's no time like the present! And ya don't gots ta surprise us neither. I'll pick ya up at any airport from Frisco ta Reno.

Come on out and enjoy the Sierra Nevada Winter Wonderland up close and personal! As can be plainly seen in the photo I have all the recreational gear anybody could possibly need!

See the slight lump in the upper left of the snow pile? That's the Weber. We can do the Dance Of Joy while we're grillin' something up! And it's only about twenty feet away!

Then I'll treat ya to hours and hours of the most beautiful views in the Sierra! From my roof...

Then we can go downtown and watch the flatlanders try ta drive in the snow! Vastly entertaining if we pick a safe spot. Think 'popcorn, extra butter'. Maybe we'll get ta wave at Badtux! If we're lucky, he'll see us and do a trick for us, like sliding by upside down!(winky smiley face)

So come on out and enjoy! Just bring yer strong back. Maybe some weed...


I think I mis-identified the lump atop the snow in the top photo as being my Weber grill. It's the lump at the far end of the deck in this photo. Sorry 'bout that. It's still only about twenty feet to shovel to it.

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