Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Your Union-Busting State Sucks

The Rude Pundit on union-busting governors:

Man, those of us in public employee unions just fucking suck. We are awful, horrible human beings whose very existence is the very thing that's going to bring about the end of the United States. Our irrational demands for health insurance and raises that just barely keep up with the cost of living and retirement funds and wages that allow us to live relatively secure lives as good consumers and homeowners and all the things that Americans are supposed to do to keep the economy going, all that is nothing but greed as we take money from people to teach their kids and fix their potholes and pick up their trash and put out their fires. Goddamn, fellow AFL-CIO members, don't you understand that only sacrificing our benefits and collective bargaining rights can save the rich pukes of Wisconsin and Ohio and New Jersey from having to pay one more fucking dime of their precious fortunes? And if we don't like it, well, if we want to protest it by, you know, striking, a right that's been stripped from us in many state constitutions, then the National Guard will deal with our traitorous asses.

This is the pattern. All around the nation, against public sector employee unions, Republicans are on the attack. Fuck, New Jersey's Chris Christie's probably had a hard-on for destroying teachers since his high school gym coach made his tubby ass waddle around the track. (See, that's funny because Christie is dangerously obese.)

You know who hates unions? Bosses and people who aren't in unions and therefore don't understand what it means to have a union behind them. In Wisconsin, essentially Walker's just another boss and he's got his scab labor in the National Guard ready to step in. Maybe it's time for labor to start demonstrating again that in union there is strength.

No shit. I think a good way to demonstrate strength might be for every city and state worker to not show up for about two weeks. Let the National Guard scabs do the work. They might be able to collect the trash, but they'll be a disaster everywhere else.

Note to the National Guard: tell those Repug governors that you're state employees too and to go piss up a rope.

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