Monday, February 14, 2011

Stephen Baldwin sues Kevin Costner


Actor Stephen Baldwin is locked in a legal battle with fellow actor and director Kevin Costner over a plan to market an oil-spill fighting technology as the Deepwater Horizon crisis started to unfold in the Gulf of Mexico last year.

In a complaint filed in U.S. District Court in New Orleans, Baldwin and a business associate say they were duped into cashing out their shares of Ocean Therapy Solutions, a Louisiana company that leased 32 centrifugal oil separators to BP for an estimated $52 million. Costner helped arrange the deal.

I think the legal theory behind the lawsuit is that it must be illegal for a right-wing religious nutjob to get screwed over, even inadvertently or if you didn't or if he did it to himself, and someone else has gotta take the blame and pay. They're the ones who are supposed to do the screwing over. Isn't it the law? Oh, just the right-wing M.O.?

I hope Costner wins. Loved him in Waterworld and Open Range, although I'm a little jealous because he got to keep Annette Bening in that one. Yum.

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