Thursday, February 17, 2011

Light Blogging Today

Fixer's doing such a beautiful job today that I'm gonna go edit me some video. Thanks, F-Man. I wuz wonderin' how I was gonna squeeze it in amongst all the snow removal.



I have posted my first (and last - see 'rendition snow') video of the day over at Fixer & Gordon. Just a short, but exciting! (cough) vid of my fancy-schmancy* new snowblower in action. Ho-hum. Part of my attempt to convince Fixer to save his own life, although he may not need it. If the climate obeys the proposed laws prohibiting climate change that is.

*Thank you for that, dear Lisa!

While I was doing my daily dead tree reading (aka the "Magic Moment" after which I can face the day) yesterday, The Old Farmer's Almanac had as an entry for the day, "winter's back breaks". Go see how well winter operates with a broken back. Mine just aches a little.

Later. Time to go process and rendition more snow.

Update II:

Just got back in from clearing the driveway, well most of it. When I looked at the gas gauge I was surprised how close I came to showing you how to put gas in it, and they never run out within 100ft of a gas can. It is written. Usually in the middle of the street. Same amount of snow as yesterday and by the time I got done there was another four inches. Me 'n the pups came in looking like Abominable Snowbunnies. Mrs. G is quite used to me hollerin' "towel girl!" when we come in so she can throw something over them before they can shake off in the house. Heh.

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