Friday, February 18, 2011

Note to der Gouverneur Walker

El Rude-o weighs in:

You see, Walkie-baby, what's going on in your state right now is that you finally broke the camel's back. No, wait. You not only broke the camel's back, but you fucked its ass while it was lying there paralyzed in the desert. You Or, to use another metaphor, the people in your state finally decided they've eaten enough shit, having sat there and watched while, in classic Republican style, you and your rubber-stamping Republican zombies in the legislature passed tax cuts that will drive your state to the very crisis you want to use to break the unions in a bare-ass naked power grab.

Since the election of Barack Obama, or perhaps since the 2006 congressional elections, Republicans have been throwing the most sustained hissy fit in American political history. See, for over half a decade, Republicans bought into that Rove black magic, thinking that if they blindly followed Bush over the brink, they'd reap the majority of majorities all over the nation. When that turned out to be a lie, fuckers went feral on our asses. But Republicans have misread the meaning of the 2010 elections (as have most people). They thought it was all about them and how much they hate those goddamn socialists. But it wasn't. No, what 2010 was really about was how much Barack Obama fucked up in keeping together the big-ass majority that voted for him. Some stayed home, some were stupid enough to run back into the crooked arms of the savage right. What it didn't mean, though, was that all of a sudden Republican ideology became accepted by the majority of the nation. Sorry, motherfuckers.

And now, as the public workers continue their uprising, as they act like engaged citizens of a democracy and not merely useful puppets who are manipulated into voting for idiots and tools, as they fight to keep a right that was battled over nearly fifty years ago, as the long-dormant force of worker action is awakened to lumbering, stunning life, as the crowds grow by the thousands, as the Democrats in the Assembly use the only tool they have left in the face of the arrogance of Republican leadership, as you, Gov. Walker, refuse to negotiate with Democrats just as you refused to negotiate with the unions, as the protests multiply against Republican assholes across the nation, oh, goddamn, how fucking stupid you must feel, like back in your classes at college.

No one told you this would be on the test, did they?

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