Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For Sale: Rule Of Law

Here's another scandal brewing that's right up there with the Government/Corporate ratfucking of WikiLeaks supporters (thank you, F-Man):

U.S. Politics Today

Justice Clarence Thomas Failed To Disclose That Citizens United Supported His 1991 Nomination To The Supreme Court

I'm sure they were just acting as good citizens to get an 'affirmative action hire' on the Supreme Court. Yeah, right, affirmative action for them and fuck the law and us too.

Thanks to VRAdmin. has released a video about this conflict on YouTube. The group is seeking the disbarment of Justice Thomas and has asked the Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice to prosecute him for falsifying 20 years of financial disclosure reports. The Public Integrity Section was provided with a copy of the second bar complaint.

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We've known for a long time that Thomas is a poor jurist and never should have been confirmed to SCOTUS. It's clear now that he's far more than that - he's a bought and paid for right-wing shill who knows it and doesn't want it to come out. It will.

Note to Thomas: save us the time and trouble and retire. Or stay and let us watch you get frog-marched off the bench in handcuffs. I've never heard of a Justice being arrested while in office, but I'd sure like to.

He needs to be impeached out of the position of trust he has violated, at the very least. Then, on to Scalia and the Kochs they rode in on.

The Supremes have no oversight and no appeal, but this malfeasance could also be the basis for overturning Citizens United. That may not have been just the worst decision ever, but a criminal act as well.


However this turns out, Clarence old bean, you can thank that loud 'n lovely cow Ginni for getting the ball rolling for you. Heh.

Even worse afterthought, and please forgive me: hot sex with that barrel o' fun must be like riding a mechanical bull set on 'stun'. Heh.


Also see:

Clarence Thomas is a Role Model for Conflict of Interest and Supreme Injustice

As a role model for conflicts of interest while casting votes on cases before the Supreme Court, it would be hard to beat Clarence Thomas - except for Antonin Scalia.

The New York Times has been following Common Cause's accusation that Clarence Thomas' involvement with the oligarchical strategy of the Koch Brothers and other right-wing players and organizations should be cause for him to have recused himself from many cases, most notably Citizens United.

Of course, there was a far greater reason for Thomas to sit out the Citizens United Case: his wife was heading a Tea Party-style organization that benefited from the pro-corporate political decision.

Anyone who still thinks there's no 'vast right-wing conspiracy' must have been off-planet for a while.

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