Thursday, December 15, 2005

The 21st one will be a charm...

Grandpa Eddie's got a good post up about the twenty ways Bush has waved the white flag to the world.

It's yours. It's your war. You decided to start it, we didn't. You decided to lie to congress and the American people to get your war. We are not surrendering Mr. Bush, you are:

Twenty times. Count 'em.

Let me be clear with you Mr. Bush: This is not our white flag. We are not surrendering to our enemy. Not in the least. What you have failed to understand is who the enemy is; It's you. You are our enemy. You are the enemy of America. We have not surrendered to you Mr. Bush. We are intent upon driving you and your kind from our midst. We're sick of the surrendering of our country by the likes of you. The twenty-first flag will be waved by you Mr. Bush. I have it on twenty to one odds.

Don't miss this one.

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