Friday, December 16, 2005

Well, duh

I love Gillard, I do, but he illustrates a point at which people who've never been in combat finally get it.

...Shootout deals with infantry encounters, and they look really hairy...

It's an excellent post but that line struck me. But Steve does get it and sees what a lot of other vets like me see:


These aren't hardened killers or patriotic robots. Most of them are kids, doing the job assigned them, but who have developed a dislike for Iraq and Iraqis not seen on the news. You see flashes of it in the print media, but the frustration you don't see, the anger.

The Chairborne Cowards who insist on good news from Iraq probably pass on these shows. Because you can see all of the good intentions beaten out of decent men, and see it replaced with a survival-based sense of fear.


The situation over there cannot get better, not when most of our guys are going on their 3rd and 4th tours. You think shit over there is ugly now, wait a year or two.

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