Sunday, December 11, 2005

Revisionist History

Notice how the Repubs are screaming the Dems are 'rewriting history' with regard to the reasons for going to war in Iraq? How come we're not screaming about this?

Go read Karlo at Swerve Left:

This article brings up a central question we should all be asking now that Saddam is on trial--"Who in the U.S. brought Saddam to power and kept him there, in spite of the atrocities?"


Do you really think this question will be brought up at the show...puppet...kangaroo...trial? How much do you wanna bet a 'suicide car bomber' hits the courthouse seconds after it is? Look at that picture and tell me who gave Saddam the WMD in the first place? Why do you think Cheney and Rummy were so certain they'd find WMDs in Iraq in 2002? Yeah, that history isn't coming out for another century.

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