Friday, December 16, 2005

Beisbol, Si! Cuba, No!


The Bush administration has blocked Cuba from playing in next year's inaugural World Baseball Classic. Now future U.S. Olympic bids may be in trouble as a result.

In Havana, government officials didn't react to the decision, but several Cuban citizens were angry.

"Enough already!" said Antonio Mayeta, whose brother plays for Havana's Industriales baseball team. "It's unbelievable. This is about sports, not politics. In Cuba, baseball is our culture. Everyone was so anxious to see these games."

Pound pointed out the U.S. government allowed Cuba to participate in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Twelve years earlier, Cuba was part of the boycott of the Los Angeles Games.

"Sports should be separated from politics," U.S. Soccer Federation president Bob Contiguglia said. "That's been a FIFA and an IOC philosophy, and we concur with that philosophy. In soccer, we've played Cuba in sport on many occasions and it's never been a problem. We've had teams go to Cuba and they've come here. So it seems kind of shortsighted that the administration would do that."

Hey, "shortsighted" is their middle name. Their heads are so far up their ass they can't see a damn thing. This is just ridiculous.

What's Bush afraid of? Fidel Castro? Nine potential illegal immigrants? That they might beat us at a game that's supposed to be an American pastime?

Heads, up, Washington: it's just a fuckin' game! This just makes you look to the world like the idiots you are.

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