Thursday, December 15, 2005

Good lord

Imagine if White Power and radical Islam formed an unholy alliance to end all unholy alliances?


According to Vidino, they're beguiled by Al Qaeda's discipline, field prowess, and heartfelt hatred of Jews. In fact, "there have been reports of contacts between their groups and radical Islamic organizations."

Meanwhile, in America, not only hasn't White Power reached out to radical Muslims, it's jealous of them. Shortly after 9/11, James Ridgeway of the Village Voice recorded a Michigan Nazi Party chairman's complaint that a "bunch of towel head/sand niggers put our great White Movement to SHAME." Still, we wondered, are they destined to intermingle at some point?


This makes my sphincter pucker. Let's just hope they stick to hating each other more than they hate us collectively. Imagine if our 'homegrown terrorists' swore off Coors Light, Budweiser, and Wild Turkey long enough to gain the discipline of al-Qaeda? We'd be in big trouble.

Thanks: Rising Hegemon

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