Sunday, December 11, 2005


The old Ford got a bit dented this past week. From what I've heard from my 'sources', the dealer network and the engineering departments are pissed. Like I said last week in comments on an earlier post, it looks like Ford is realizing they make more money from their LGBT customers than the Focus on the Fetus wingnuts. Word to Clay, buying power does not equate to the amount of noise one makes. AFA might be loud, but most of their members can't afford to buy a new F-150 or Explorer every couple years, let alone an Escape Hybrid, never mind the Jags and Volvos. Think about whom you're turning off before you get in bed with some loudmouth preacher man.

Ford Motor Co. executives will meet early next week with leaders of gay rights organizations to discuss the automaker's decision to pull advertisements for its Land Rover and Jaguar lines from gay publications, a Ford spokesman said Friday.

"We look forward to the dialogue with the leadership of the gay community," said spokesman Mike Moran.


Thanks to John at AMERICAblog for the link. BTW, go get Pam's take on this too.

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