Monday, December 12, 2005

Acid Flashback

Sometimes I have to go far afield to get (I wish!) Maureen Dowd, eh?

Our secretary of state's tortuous defence of supposedly non-existent CIA torture chambers in Eastern Europe was an acid flashback to Clintonian parsing.

When Rice was a Stanford professor of international relations, she would have flunked any student who dared to present her with the sort of wilfully disingenuous piffle she spouted on the eve of her European trip.

Maybe she figures that if she was able to fool people once with doubletalk about weapons of mass destruction, she can fool them again with doubletalk about rendition.

Here a few choice words about Sen. Clinton and flag-burning.

The senator doing Clintonian triangulating is just as transparent as the secretary doing Clintonian parsing.

All in all, a bad week for women - sheer torture to watch.

These ain't women. They're politicians.

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