Monday, December 12, 2005


WASHINGTON - For nearly 140 years, any child born on U.S. soil, even to an illegal immigrant, has been given American citizenship. Now, some conservatives in Congress are determined to change that.

A group of 92 lawmakers in the House will attempt next week to force a vote on legislation that would revoke the principle of "birthright citizenship," part of a broader effort to discourage illegal immigration.


So, instead of tightening the controls at the borders, we're gonna marginalize another group of Americans. Agree with the current policy or not, this is nothing but cruel and racist. They're also debating this issue in France who, contrary to popular belief in this country, has its share of wingnuts. Here's a link to a BBC Hardtalk segment I saw when I was in Paris a couple weeks back where Jean Marie Le Pen says the same things. If you sit through the whole interview (20 mins.) you'll learn whom his friends are in this country. Just a hint: They wear white sheets and hoods.

Great thanks to Avedon Carol for the L.A. Times link.

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