Sunday, July 9, 2006

A dangerous situation

Digby looks at the Neocon mind.


This was a very good article until this point. Our failure [in Iraq] is already certain no matter what we do. The fundamental flaw in this entire enterprise is not how we did it, although the massive failures outlined in this article are so obvious that it's imperative to discuss them on their own terms. In fact, I worry that what this failure of execution reveals is a military leadership so lacking in intellectual ability and so wracked with primitive racism that this country cannot count on it to actually defend us in case of a real war. The officer corps are supposed to be smart guys, not a bunch of idiots who would read some piece of trash like "The Arab Mind" and actually believe it --- much less use it as the basis for tactics on the ground. This is a dangerous situation for America. [my ems]


Long but very good.


Wintess the effect of these idiots' decisions on the troops, from Bulldog:


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder didn't become commonly diagnosed until the Vietnam War. The Iraq War and the multiple deployments of troops has heightened the awareness of PTSD and its effects on returning soldiers. The episode described above can be classically described as a PTSD-related incident. Unfortunately, many returning troops are being discharged and told to visit the nearest VA Medical Center for any health-related issues they experience instead of being treated by military doctors.


Thanks to the asshats in charge, there will be a generation of young men and women who are gonna have (and unfortunately cause) some big problems once they get home.

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