Friday, July 14, 2006

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance...

just be a clueless freaking dick:

" Bush later toured the 700-year-old St. Nicholas Church, where he put Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on the spot.

Rice, who once trained to be a concert pianist, admired an enormous 165-year-old organ with pipes that filled one end of the sanctuary.

Bush noticed, and saw an opening, too. He turned to the tour guide, Pastor Hans Peter Neumann.

"This is Condoleezza Rice," he said. "She wants to play the organ."

But the secretary made no music.

That came later when the party was met in Trinwillershagen by a band dressed in red jackets that played American songs.

Clearly in a playful mood, Bush took the band leader's baton and conducted a few bars. Then he sneaked behind a female flutist and poked her on the shoulder, giving her a start. "

What a complete freaking embarrassment.Someone's off his meds or he's drinking and on the meds.I thought he had"handlers".Why in the fuck are world leaders having a thing to do with this idiot? Please tell me there's video of this,no one will believe it unless there is.And if there is video,it needs to be put in a museum as a reminder of why" conservative" is the new dirty word."Liberal" has just been redeemed.

Parents,this is why if your kid isn't all that funny or talented,you MUST gently sit them down and tell them that they really aren't.You don't have to be harsh but don't nurture their hopes if they can't sing,dance,act,or tell jokes in proper context.Please.I know your little angel is special to you,and that is how it should be.But for the love of GOD,don't lie to them,or this is what you end up with.Or a kid with a reject try out for American Idol.Consider it your service to your country.Please.I beg of you.

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