Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Now shut up

I didn't blog about it because Skippy said it most eloquently and quite well, and it deserved as much attention on our side as it actually got.

just when we had resolved ourselves to obeying kos as the leader of blogofascism, it turns out that deb frisch is really the spokesperson of lefty blogtopia (y!wctp!).

who is deb frisch, you ask? funny, that's what we asked.


the hardly-ever-right wing is all a'twitter that the rest of us haven't risen up in an uncontrolled rage over the disgusting and evil child molesting that deb's comments invoke. most of the right wing have decided that deb is indicative of the left, and since we've not condemned her en masse, we, by default, agree with her.


Since Skippy was about the only person (or roo, as it were) from Left Blogtopia (y!sctp!) to mention it, the wingnuts ended up there. To wit, Skippy had to spend more time on it than it warrants.

the all seeing eye, over at the jawa report, in his disgust that the lefty blogs aren't talking as if deb frisch and jeff goldstein mean anything, linked to our humble site wherein we opined that not only was deb a wacko, she was pretty much a wacko nobody ever heard of or paid attention to.


As I said before, this person was largely ignored until the wingnuts pounced on the story and now we're supposedly responsible for her? Listen to me, you lobotomized twits, her books aren't being published by a 'lefty vanity press' (think Regenery) and being bought by the case by wingnut think tanks. She is not given the floor on cable TV and doesn't have a nationally syndicated radio show. When you take responsibility for your hate mongers who have a national forum, we'll take responsibility for a twit with a blog.

Just shut the fuck up and go back to sucking the Chimp's cock.

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