Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dylan Plays At Concert For Peace

I'm throwing this in because I like Basque food. From the Basque News and Information Channel:

The Concert for Peace held Tuesday (July 11) in Donostia-San Sebastian starring Bob Dylan gathered 83,550 people at the Zurriola Beach, according to its organisers.

After the concert, fireworks filled the sky and, as expected, DJ Javi P3z and Macaco livened up the party. The Catalan band brought the festive touch to the evening.

The performance, organised by the city's Jazz Festival and Kursaal Foundation, had a marked pacifist character, and political messages were away from the event following a request by the artist himself.

Out in Nevada, if you see a guy dressed like a sheepherder, he's probably a Basque. If you see a nicely-dressed pale-complected person hangin' out with a buncha sheep, chances are he's a Republican.

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