Sunday, July 9, 2006


I was quite taken with Fixer's post about the recent marriage of two of Canada's "brave, decent, and true" Mounties. I got the idea that show tunes figured in this deal somewhere, you know, like from Nelson Eddy/ Jeannette MacDonald movies like Rose Marie (aka Indian Love Call), so I started looking. An idle mind...

...finds some good shit sometimes. Not only did I find several informative and beautifully illustrated pages on The Mountie Films, I hit big-time pay dirt at The Old Corral, a site devoted to B-Westerns, which I love.

Also, who can forget the most comedic use of stereotypes in TV history, Due South?

The show falls somewhere between a cop show and a comedy show. Although superficially following the police drama format, the comedy derives from the outrageous plots, the self-mocking Canadian and American stereotypes, and the occasional fantasy elements (such as the regular visits paid to Fraser by the ghost of his dead father), all played with absolute deadpan by the actors. Much of the comedy, as well as setting much of the tone of the show, was provided by Fraser's supernormal detective ability. For instance, in one episode, Fraser tracks down a suspect by smelling the breath of a rat to detect which brand of cooked ribs it had been eating.

I didn't find any connection between show tunes and the sexual makeup of the Mounties. Hell, there ain't any. I knew it goin' in but I was trying to find some humor in the situation. Instead, I found a gold mine. Please enjoy the links.

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