Friday, July 14, 2006


While we've all had fun with the Homeland Security target list:


This country is run by the spiritual descendants of the Three Stooges. Bonk! Oof! Nyaaaghh! Woobwoobwoob! Ooo, mice! (don't misunderstand; I love the Stooges, but I sure as shit wouldn't want them running the country).

Let me just say this. That is where al-Qaeda went wrong. Instead of attacking an obvious target (D.C., WTC) and a group of people who don't scare easily (New Yorkers), they should have blown up petting zoos and homecoming parades in the heartland. Note to the mentally diminished (wingnuts): I am not advocating this, just looking at it in terms of strategy and tactics. If bin-Laden wanted to get us into an all out Holy War, he should have blown up Southern Baptist churches during Sunday services. Could you imagine? The Jihadists and Rapture freaks would be in their glory. It would end in Armageddon of the grandest sort.

Ah well, like I always say, good thing most criminals aren't too bright. Seems Osama didn't really learn that much since we created him 25 years ago. Bush never knew anything to begin with. They both suffer from an affliction called arrogance.

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