Monday, July 10, 2006

Lieberman Ad Uses Fake Lamont Sticker

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A TV ad, with a message approved by Sen. Joe Lieberman, uses a phony Ned Lamont bumper sticker to falsely claim that all Lamont has to say is "No More Joe."

The ad ran today on Hartford's Fox affiliate WTIC-61, during "Fox News Sunday." (It was also shown during C-Span's airing of the Lieberman-Lamont debate.)

The narrator begins the ad with: "In the battle of the bumper stickers, this one has a simple message: 'No More Joe.' But what else does Lamont really have to say?"

A graphic of a "NO MORE JOE" sticker is shown. The second line of the sticker reads: "Ned Lamont * Democrat for U.S. Senate". In the bottom right corner of the sticker is a URL,

Problem is: there is no

This means two things are possible.

The Lamont campaign is the dumbest campaign in history, making bumper stickers sending people to dead website that they don't own.

Or the Lieberman campaign, desperate to find an attack line against a strong challenger, has to lie and pretend Lamont has nothing positive to say about his own platform.

So to call out Lieberman's false ad is also a way to remind voters, and reporters, that the Lamont candidacy is a broad-based camapign, not a simplistic, amateurish exercise.

Certainly not as amateurish as that Lieberman ad.

Amateurish? Don't tell Lieberman that! I'm sure he paid big money to the consultant that came up with this one! I'm damn glad Holy Joe got to the guy first!

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