Friday, July 14, 2006

Why I don't debate ...

With conservatives. Driftglass says it so well:


I don't believe for a second that if someone still backs Dubya at this late date, they can be "gotten", so I have no interest in wooing a single one of the reprehensible, died-in-the-sheep's-clothing "red vote".

I have no interest in debating them or swapping scripture with them or thumb wresting them for forensic points because it simply doesn't work. This is the tribe of the "Always In Error But Never In Doubt". This clan of Simple, Declarative Dumbfucks, have been proven bloodily, monstrously, horrifically, incontrovertibly, overwhelmingly and tragically wrong year after year after year and it hasn't made so much as a dent in their certitude, or nary a new cortical fold or crease (or "gyrencephalization". And lemme tell you, I cannot adequately describe the toe-curling prosegasmic thrill I get when I dig up a new word.) to form on the smooth, inert surfaces of their Beautiful Minds.

They are lost and doomed; have filled their skulls with bumper stickers and fear, welded it shut, and melted the keys down for tinfoil to line their beanies.


Late for work. It's FRIDAY!!!

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