Sunday, September 24, 2006


I'll probably piss a buncha people off but since, like PBS, it's the season for bloggers to ask for money for whatever reasons, let me just say this.

There is a reason I don't charge for ad space here. There is a reason I foot the bill for any, and all, incidentals. There is a reason I don't ask for donations or accept them.

This way no one can say we are in anyone's pocket. No one can say Mr./Ms. _________ has their arm up my ass, making my lips move. If I can't afford to have a blog, or pay my bills because of my blogging, there will be no blog.

It's about appearances. If we endorse a candidate, it's because we believe he/she is the best for their constituency, not because the DNC tells us to, not because they pay us to. Same goes for policy. I will not allow the perception we are shilling for anyone. The minute I take the first dime is the minute that perception grows. The minute you accept any money, the question arises 'who else do you take money from and why?' I refuse to have our integrity questioned by anyone. I will not compromise my honor for anyone.

I am under no illusions, that if this blog disappeared tomorrow (or if Kos or Atrios disappeared tomorrow), it will be an incredible loss to Blogtopia (y!sctp!). Someone else will pick up where the Brain left off and in 6 months (probably less) we wouldn't even be a memory. The strength of blogging comes from the combined chorus of voices speaking truth to power. A blog falling by the wayside is not the end all. Some of us might do well disabusing ourselves of our irreplacability. That's the way life is, in business, in the military, and in the blogosphere.

If you decide to quit your job and become a full-time blogger, great but, like retirement, make sure you have the resources before you take that leap. No one twisted your arm to get into this. Don't tell me you're starving because you have a product no one else can provide. You don't. Don't tell me you have to blog full time to be on top of every breaking story. You don't. Your readers don't owe you anything and if you think they do, maybe you should start charging for your content.

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