Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sayonara, Rosie


Iva Toguri D'Aquino, who was convicted and later pardoned of being World War II propagandist "Tokyo Rose," died yesterday of natural causes, said her nephew, William Toguri. She was 90.

Tokyo Rose was the name given by soldiers to a female radio broadcaster responsible for anti-American transmissions intended to demoralize soldiers fighting in the Pacific theater. D'Aquino was the only U.S. citizen identified among the potential suspects.

In 1949, she became the seventh person to be convicted of treason in American history and served six years in prison. But doubts about her possible role as Tokyo Rose later surfaced and she was pardoned by President Gerald Ford in 1977.

Don't worry Rose. Rest easy. Anti-American propaganda is alive and well in this administration under the guidance of a criminal mastermind also named after a flower - Turdblossom.

Mostly, the WWII GIs got a kick out of your broadcasts. Your propaganda, intended to scare and demoralize them, didn't.

Turdblossom's bullshit is also intended to scare and demoralize a wider audience, the American public. It worked for a while, but folks are starting to see through the smoke.

He will soon join you in being the rare American who is convicted of treason, along with the vice-president and their talking puppet Bush.

It's OK that you were pardoned, for you did no real harm. The current propagandists are doing immeasurable harm to our country, but it's OK with me if they're pardoned as well. After they're hanged.

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