Thursday, September 28, 2006

The "Good News" in the NIE

Cdr. Huber at My Left Wing:

I'm not certain what young Mister Bush's people were thinking when they decided to release this. It sure doesn't contain much in the way of that "good news" the administration tells us we're not hearing enough of.

I guess the "good news" here is that four in 10 Iraqis don't approve of attacks of U.S.-led forces.

There is no fixing this mess. The kind of "resolve" we will display by "staying the course" is the kind of resolve it takes to run your head over with a tractor. And the only "political will" involved in continuing our self-destructive course in Iraq is the will of our political leaders to hide the egg on their faces.

Much more in between the quotes. That ol' Squid's got his finger on it.

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