Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Osama sez that...so wet 'em, and vote for us or die."


Hey, by the way, Dear Readers - Have any of you noticed how in the last few days, a lot of folks on the right have used the words of Osama bin Laden as the gospel truth? Seriously. They've been quoting the crap out of him as if he were the decider.

Chris Wallace quoted bin Laden to Clinton, saying the U.S. was weak after ending the involvement in Somalia. [Therefore, of course, Clinton was weak.]

Now the White House is quoting bin Laden, saying Iraq is the most serious issue today. [Therefore, of course, we have to stay.]

In God's name, and for all of America's sake - WHY ARE THEY LETTING HIM HIJACK THE CONVERSATION? Why does his word have any goddamn gravity in this White House and their pawns in the media?

Answer: They're Republicans. And OBL scares the pee out of them. There's your strong American leadership.

I disagree somewhat: what scares the pee out of the Republicans is that they're likely gonna get booted out in November and their cushy little gravy train of steamrolling us to get everything they want is gonna come off the rails. No more cushy jobs, no more big corporate money, no more little-dick-compensatory untrammelled power.

Their whiny little leader is using OBL to try to make Americans wet their britches so they'll keep 'em in power so they don't have to give up their sandbox.

"Strong American leadership" is both a distant memory and a dream for the future at this point.


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