Thursday, September 28, 2006

Reading the Gas Pump Numbers

Interesting article at TomDispatch. Just take a light lunch, it's not as long as some.

Is this the result of some hidden conspiracy between the White House and Big Oil to help the Republican cause in the elections, as some are already suggesting? How does a possible war with Iran fit into the gas-price equation? And what do falling gasoline prices tell us about "peak-oil" theory, which predicts that we have reached our energy limits on the planet?

A scholarly discourse follows.

My personal prediction as a gasoline expert, based on my deep-seated, long-standing experience of knowing how to a)remove my gas cap, and b)reach for my wallet, tells me that gas prices will reach their lowest point on about the 1st of November, stabilize for a week, then climb at an alarming rate to a new peak so The Oil Company can recoup its election season 'losses'.

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