Tuesday, September 26, 2006


We're leaving tomorrow afternoon but I got a million things to do this evening (last minute laundry, giving Shayna a bath) now that work is squared away, and tomorrow morning (taking Shayna to the Hound Hotel, last minute packing) so I'll say goodbye now. It'll probably be a couple days before I pop back in, but I doubt I'll be paying attention to the news anyway. The most you'll get from me is some pics and travelogue during rare periods of sobriety. Drunken comments about the Chimp and the Rethugs on everybody else's posts are a certainty. Heh ...

As always, Gord has the conn (that's Squid talk) until I get back to the States. Behave yourselves or you'll have to answer to the crazy old Jarhead.

Arrivederci, I'll talk to you from Roma.

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