Friday, September 22, 2006

Cannon fodder and deck apes

NYT (Wow, 2 links for the Gray Lady today) via Holden:

WASHINGTON, Sept. 21 - Strains on the Army from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have become so severe that Army officials say they may be forced to make greater use of the National Guard to provide enough troops for overseas deployments.


An internal Army document that was provided to The New York Times notes that the demand for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan has greatly exceeded past projections that predicted earlier troop reductions. According to the document, the Army needs $66.1 billion to make up for all of its equipment shortfalls. Referring to the units that are to deploy next to Iraq and Afghanistan, or are in training, the document shows a large question mark to indicate their limited readiness.


To all those people who laughed when I said a draft is in the future. We might not have any other option in a little while. Well one, we can let the Army collapse. Stay the course. Good thing we got all these strategists and tacticians in charge.

Not only have we broken Iraq, we've just about broken the U.S. Army.


A bit of a tangent, but this struck me over at Montag's:

Yes, it is true. Our Dear Embattled Leader has now killed as many Americans in His Glorious Little Wars as Osama did on 9/11.

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