Sunday, September 17, 2006

Governator will sign Hang-Up-And-Drive Bill


California will become the fourth state in the country to ban motorists from holding cellphones while driving under legislation Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he will sign into law today.

It's a good start, but doesn't address the real problem:

Though the only official opponent of the bill was the Sprint-Nextel cellular phone company, several lawmakers argued that the act of conversing - not of holding a phone - is the real distraction to drivers.

They also argued that children, the radio, pets, hamburgers and sodas are all as likely to divert drivers' attention as cellphones.

They left out the danger of gettin' some skull at 80 per. Talk about distractions! Let alone the thought of what's gonna get bit off in the accident... Heehee!

This won't affect Ah-nold's supporters too much. those Escalades and Navigators have hands-free phones. When they crash into you, they'll get off the hook like they always do.

Go read the rest. Pictures and video, too.

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