Friday, September 22, 2006

Praise the Lord and pass the waterboard...

I touched on this briefly in my earlier post, but it's true: Torture is the christian way. From Balkinization:

"We must redefine how our lawful society treats those who have nothing but contempt for the law and rely on terrorizing the innocent to accomplish their objectives. The lines must be redrawn and then we must pursue these criminals as quickly and as aggressively as the law permits.

"And since this debate is, at its very core, about preserving the traditional value of prosecuting injustice and protecting the innocent, TVC will score this vote in both the House and the Senate. We encourage all of our supporters and affiliated churches to contact their elected representatives and let them know we support President Bush's efforts to update our methods of interrogating terrorist detainees in order to provide greater protection for our troops and the innocent."

It is strange--to put it politely--to see an avowedly Christian organization promote torture. Reverend Sheldon is correct that this debate is about preserving our traditional values, but he is on the wrong side.

Conservative Christian groups are a key block within the Republican political coalition, as everyone knows. If these groups took an agressive moral stance against torture, the Bush Administration might be given pause. The Traditional Values Coalition has chosen to do the opposite, throwing its weight behind torture, urging Christians to pressure their legislators to support toture.

This can't be right (although I'm not a Christian).

(And please don't characterize authorizing torture as a matter of "updating our methods"--that's scary doublespeak.)

He's right - it ain't right and it's scary. Since when did that matter to the christofascist wingnut agenda?

"Traditional values" my ass. You actual Christians out there: ain't you about outta cheeks to turn? Rise up and smite these bastards that are making you all look bad.

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