Sunday, September 17, 2006


BuzzFlash is inviting comments on the nature of Rove's October Surprise.

So, let's put this one out to BuzzFlash readers.

Can you predict the October surprise?

Is Osama going to suddenly be "captured" in a pre-arranged "daring raid," which will turn out to be staged, because the Busheviks have had him in custody for sometime, just waiting for the midterms?

Or will there be another October surprise?

Let us know your thoughts.

Some of the thoughts:

I've maintained for several years now that Osama's hanging out at the family compound in Saudi, drinking Margaritas and shooting the breeze with Poppy Bush, getting his feet (or some other part of his body) rubbed by a white slave girl from L.A.---and waiting for his next cameo as the "Phantom Menace". Osama was C.I.A. from the get-go (1979), and you don't just "retire" from the firm when you're THAT important. If they "catch" him, they'll retire him to someplace comfortable and out of the way of prying eyes, with a gold watch for honored service. The Cheney Oil Boyz and Al-Queda are part and parcel of the same team---a team that (at least on the "American" side) acts like a bunch of macho adolescent boys who've just found Daddy's gun in the closet to play with, and who are too pig-headed and stupid to pour piss out of a boot from the instructions on the heel---or care that this planet is coming to pieces climatically, economically, and energy-wise. They think they'll wreck it and then pick up the pieces----well, the law of unintended consequences is kicking in big-time, and we are ALL paying the price! Dangerous goddamn fool chimpanzees with nukes---makes me ashamed of my nationality.

Is there any other reason why the entire area over Cheney's ranch was made a no fly zone? Osama and friends likely are holed up there, guests of our VP, waiting to make appearances as necessary to ensure Repuglican victory.

An October surprise isn't really necessary. The Diebold voting machines are pre set at the factory.

Many more. Enjoy.

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