Saturday, September 23, 2006

I don't think he gets it

Let me first say, I love Steve Gilliard. I read him daily and value his insights, but I don't think he gets it with regard to this 'torture compromise'. It's not the fact it will be overturned by the courts, or the fact Rethugs are going to look as monstrous as they did during the Schaivo case, or that other messes will be their undoing, it's the fact we are having the debate at all.

Hel-lo, McFly?

This is America. We should not even be considering defining torture. It should not even be discussed with regard to becoming policy. Think about it, Americans are discussing whether torture should be excused.

This is America, Steve. It's about our honor, not about political expedience, and it's about time the Dems stood up and showed they had some.

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