Thursday, September 21, 2006

Daily Dave

An email from the Mejias Campaign today, reprinted in its entirety:

FARMINGDALE - The message is clear - Peter King is running scared. A Newsday article printed yesterday exposed Peter King's failed campaign strategy. In a campaign letter targeted, according to the article, "more to Jews than others," King criticized his opponent, Nassau County Legislator Dave Mejias, for taking campaign contributions from men King calls "radical" Muslim leaders on Long Island. The problem: federal records show King accepted thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the same Muslim leaders. King's smear campaign has been thoroughly debunked in the press, and reveals that King will sink to new lows in order to protect his seat in Congress.

"Peter King has finally realized that he is in serious danger of losing his job in November," said Dave Mejias. "Like Republicans across the country, King has resorted to using Karl Rove's politics of hate to cover up his poor record in Congress. King uses his first mailing of the campaign to attack me, and wound up exposing himself as nothing but a hypocrite. Peter King owes an apology to every family that received that shameful letter."

The news of Peter King's campaign of character assassination has provoked outrage. Rabbi Michael L. Kramer of Temple Judea in Massapequa said "Congressman Peter King's letter to his constituents, tying his opponent, Dave Mejias, to Islamic financial support when he has accepted even more money from the Islamic community is hypocritical, dishonest, and a political deceit." Additionally, today's editorial in Newsday calls King's strategy "an ugly attempt at guilt by association," and discredits King's disturbing accusations about local Muslim leaders. The last sentence of the editorial unmistakably illustrates King as the fraud he truly is, saying "for King to imply that Mejias is tainted for taking money from people whose money he himself also accepted is just plain hypocritical." [my ems]

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The Long Island Press has an article on our man today too.

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