Thursday, March 29, 2007

Boo! Boehner, Yay! Richardson

I am holding a revolver (Smith & Wesson Military & Police, Hand Ejector, Second Change, in .38 Special, mfd. in 1914 and left to me by my Dad) to my typing finger to make it link to F** Noise, but this time I think it's OK.

House Minority Leader John Boehner was booed on Wednesday at a construction workers' union legislative forum for saying the United States needs to fight the war in Iraq or face terror attacks at home.

But seriously, folks:

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson also won a standing ovation by pledging that if he is president, he will appoint a union leader to the top of his administration.

He also rallied the audience by saying that in 1992 unions turned out 19 percent of the vote and Bill Clinton won the presidency. "In 2000, unions turned out 25 percent of the vote and Al Gore won," Richardson said.

He also pushed his foreign policy credentials as a representative to the United Nations who negotiated the release of American soldiers being held by Cuba's Fidel Castro and Iraq's Saddam Hussein.

"Clinton used to say, 'send Richardson. Bad guys like him.' I have the experience," Richardson said. "I'm not a rock star but I'm the best candidate for president."

I watched part of Governor Richardson's speech on C-Span. He said that New Mexico has strict laws regarding building contractors, and that if anyone violates them he "will face a fine, or even a jail a 100% union-built jail!"

I like the guy, and lest I forget:

Bill Richardson For President

He was on "The Daily Show" last night too.

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