Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Veterans Day

Probably light blogging today. Mrs. G finally took her day off for Veterans Day. She had to use it before the end of the month or lose it.

We had plans to go out for breakfast today, but it was delayed a little. We got a foot of snow last night and by the time I cleared the driveway I was hungry enough to eat the hind end out of a wino through a park bench!

Luckily, for me and the wino, I didn't have to. We went to the Squeeze In and had omelets. I had one with pastrami, avocado, and cheddar with sour cream and mushroom sauce, or in Squeeze In parlance, a #56. They have 62 kinds. Their site here.

The Squeeze Inn, right in the middle of Truckee's main drag, serves a wild and unruly assortment of omelets. They also serve lunch and other breakfast items, but that doesn't matter. What does matters are the omelets: Big, man-sized omelets--omelets larger than the hearts of eight dead elk, omelets loaded with fresh ingredients like bell peppers and avocado, omelets with catchy names like "Jeremiah" and "Racy Tracy."

They've also got one called the "Dirty Dick", and believe it or don't, I knew the guy it was named for. He was, too.

Anyway, I'm kinda slugged out from the big breakfast so I got no idea where the day will take me. Burp.

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