Thursday, March 29, 2007

Every last goddamn one of yas ...

We always say 'IOKIYAR' or 'it's ok if you're a Republican' around here because for the past 6 years, not one Republican stood up and questioned any of the White House policies and fascist dictates. And I'm not just talking about those in Congress but every last one of you who, up until a couple months ago were all happy they were 'in charge'.

I've been hearing a lot of 'I might have voted Republican, but I don't support what they've done' lately from the average 'man-on-the-street' Rethug voter. One of the downsides of my job, being a progressive blogger to boot, is dealing with the general public in the 'reddest' county in NY. Know what, fuck you all.

You were the ones, and I mean you man-on-the-street Rethug, who were all happy about going to Iraq and 'killing ragheads'. Not you, of course. You were content to sit back and take your hundred grand a year while you cheered other people's kids on into the meat grinder. You were content to let the government pick through Americans' emails, folks like you saying, 'if you got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about'. You didn't care about the government outsourcing our warfighting capabilities to dishonorable mercenaries like Blackwater and DynCorp and were outraged when 4 of them got strung up in Fallujah. It'd have been nice to see a little outrage after 3200 of our kids came home in body bags, but you wanted to see us 'kick ass' regardless of the price. You didn't care when no-bid contracts were awarded to Rethug cronies like Halliburton, as long as they didn't draft your kid, or your ass itself. You couldn't be bothered and you echoed the Fox 'News'/Party Line to anyone who would listen because you were too lazy to think for yourselves. Go fuck yourselves now, big tough motherfuckers.

90% of you would shit yourselves (literally) if I pointed a pistol at you, yet you can talk tough and have your little beat off session watching the Military Channel. Fucking buncha pussies. And now, after standing by your man, and Party, while the going was good, you're all leaving like rats from Titanic, post iceberg. I have even less respect for you now.

You see, folks, I've heard a lot of guys talk tough, but none of them have run to the recruiters'. Paraphrasing Bill Maher: If you've got a big cock, you don't have to run around telling everyone; those who need to know, do. Same thing with tough.

I love watching all the little pricks now, when they see how all the Rethug policies they've cheered on, the wars, 'homeland security', and others, have become proven failures. They're looking around, trying to find someone to blame for the failures of their Party. This time though, unlike earlier Rethug scapegoat fests, we're here. Everything we warned you about, everything we predicted, has come to pass and this time it's on the record. Right here at the Brain (3 years worth here) and the thousands of blogs that make up Left Blogtopia (y!sctp!). You can't blame 'The Left' anymore, assholes. Time to look in the mirror and accept that American Conservatism is an exercise in failure.

We told you so. Now shut up and let us fix this.

I leave you with Digby:


At some point you have to look past the leadership and ask why people were so willing to follow them over the cliff. It wasn't the system that failed --- it was every single Republican (like Iglesias) who looked the other way because their boy was on top and they wanted to be in the winners circle. Many of them knew that something was very wrong and yet they said nothing. They need to think about that.


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