Friday, March 30, 2007

Last Throes of the Insurgency?

A real barn-burner! BuzzFlash Guest Editorial:

Maybe Dick Cheney was right: we are in the "last throes of the insurgency" - but not the "insurgency" he was talking about.

Cheney's "insurgency" is a nebulous ill-defined neoconcoction that will never die as long as Halliburton can wring billions upon billions of dollars out of it (over 20 billion at last count). Cheney depicts the insurgency as some monolithic enemy, composed of "terrorists" who "hate freedom," Coca-Cola, and MTV. The imperial Cheney expects us not to notice that the dread "insurgency" is Sunnis one day and Shiites the next, Saddam lovers one day, Saddam haters the next, Iranians one day, Syrians the next, Al-Qaeda and its infinite imitators and permutations one day, the Taliban and its swelling ranks the next, Saudis, Moroccans, Pakistanis, Indonesians, Ethiopians, and more. (It also includes Cindy Sheehan, Teddy Kennedy, Valerie and Joe Wilson, Keith Olbermann, and you.)

It takes a special person to still support Bush-Cheney in March 2007! To call oneself a Republican today, a person necessarily falls into one of three narrow fairly hopeless categories: (1) filthy rich and pathologically selfish; (2) congenitally mean and pathologically indifferent to the suffering of others; or (3) woefully ignorant, mentally retarded, insane, delusional, or in a psychotic state of denial. The first two categories (rich/selfish and mean/sadistic) are basically incapable of redemption barring some life-altering experience such as being kidnapped (Patty Hearst), incarcerated (Charles Colson), or getting old (my friend Tony's father). The third group (retarded/crazy/in denial) can do remarkably well with medication, residential treatment, radical therapy, injections of LSD, or in some cases, a lobotomy - all of which are vastly preferable to being a proud Republican.

Go read. You'll enjoy.

A word of warning to us all: Let's not get carried away just yet by the joy of watching the Repugs eat their own wheels as they fall off. The fuckers are still as dangerous and unpredictable as a cornered rabid rat.

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