Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pet food recall

It ain't over (There's an Alpo recall in progress and some questions about one of the Hill's Science diet dry varieties). CatsMeow (in comments) alerts us to a site called Itchmo that's keeping up with all the news on this front. I'm gonna put 'em in the 'Cool' blogroll and you can check with 'em on a regular basis.

Princess Shayna says the pups and kitties are depending on you to keep informed, don't let them down.


From CatsMeow in comments:

Hope everyone with pets will sign up for itchmo's recall alerts and tell their friends to do so as well, as it appears to be the only way to keep up with recalls of all kinds. Is there a site for human food recalls similar to itchmo? Anyone know?

If anyone does know, leave replies in comments.

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