Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Punditry ...

Since we've crawled up the "Beltway pundits'" collective ass this week, I figured I'd talk a little bit about it this morning. If your Sunday morning is spent like mine, watching Lil' George, Timmeh, McLaugh-in, and Wolfie, you might have noticed something this week. The subtle change in the conservative pundits' verbal diarrhea (well, except for that load Tony Blankley).

They're beginning to eat their own. That overstuffed whore bag Terry Jeffrey on Wolfie's:

It's not good, apparently her lawyer is trying to suggest they're building a perjury trap for people in the Justice Department. But the truth is, Wolf, Congress - its Judiciary Committees - they have oversight over the Justice Department. It is inexcusable for people in the Justice Department to take the 5th amendment to avoid testifying in Congress. People there must go testify. There's no question about it.

Or that professional suckup Rich 'We're Winning' Lowry (and check out the Novakula quote at the link too):

[Bush] has made a few key bad decisions about policy and personnel, compounded them by not reacting quickly enough when things go wrong, and failed to create a sense of accountability in his government ...

Jeez, fellas, it was just a few short weeks ago when these issues were 'non-issues'. What changed? Could it be you've realized that kissing White House ass might be counterproductive to a long career? Could it be you've realized how gullible, moronic, and downright stupid you sound pushing the 'alternate reality' now that the majority of Americans are starting to figure out how badly they've been snowed? Are you afraid the American people might just figure out how you willingly helped perpetuate the lie and you too might be put up against the wall when the revolution comes? Or is it that the payments are getting smaller?

Say whatever you want now, but your die has been cast. Change your tune, jump ship for all I care, but your credibility is shot. It's too late, especially now in this age of internet blogging, because we're never gonna let the public forget. At least I won't. Since '93 you've been recorded, in print and on video, spreading the lie and thanks to things called Google and YouTube, your archive of propaganda can be brought to the fore at any time. Good luck rewriting your resumes, boys and girls. Thanks to the interwebs, you can't lie and equivocate your way out of past statements. If I have anything to say about it, your enabling this fascist takeover of the United States will dog you until you retire or die, whichever comes first. You are all part of the White House propaganda machine, you are all culpable, and you should all be in jail.

And a special note to James Carville: Dude, what did you know and when did you know it? Don't tell me you had no clue what your wife and her boss were up to during the past 6 years. It just can't happen, I don't care how separate you claim to keep your personal and professional lives. Mrs. F and I try to do it and it's almost impossible. You had to have known, you can't convince me otherwise, and that is one of the main reasons I'm leery of voting for Hillary. I don't trust you, Mr. Carville, not as far as I can piss into a force nine gale. You knew, and said nothing. You put your self-interest ahead of the good of your country and for that I cannot forgive you. Sins of omission are still sins, sir.

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