Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bush's war

I can't wait for Bush to veto the Iraq War bill when he gets it. The timetable for withdrawal stayed in the Senate version of the bill so now it's up to the Chimp whether he vetoes the money he needs to continue this war, or accepts the timetables and signs it. He's backed into a corner and he knows it.

On another note, I haven't said anything about the Brits who were captured by the Iranians. The reason I haven't is because my bullshit detector has pinned the needle. Somehow, this happens now, at a time when the Chimp is looking for an excuse to pick a fight with the Iranians. And we all know how Tony Blair will roll over and give his ass up for Bush. I don't trust the situation in light of the Chimp's recent problems with Congress. It doesn't help when Iran's President Ahmedinejad is as fucked up as our resident moron. Let's not forget that reformers made great gains in Iran's elections in February and Ahmedinejad is feeling the same pressure Bush is.

The thing that worries me is both are getting desperate enough to do something really dumb.

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