Sunday, August 17, 2008

Changes In Latitudes...*

The other day I did a post about how August is the first month of winter. Fixer made a comment about August in Germany requiring a jacket in the evening. Check out this performance by Nanci Griffith in Norway, at even higher latitude. Notice all the jackets and the low sun, still up at concert time in the evening. I'd say it was late summer there.

Just FYI, and I have no cite, a rule of thumb is that for each 1000 foot increase in altitude in the Lower 48, the climate behaves as it does 150 miles north. If where I live was at sea level, I'd be somewhere slightly north of Vancouver BC weatherwise, eh? God only knows where Vancouver would be...

Oh, I almost fergot - enjoy the song...

*No apology to Jimmy Buffett needed. I love him.

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