Friday, August 22, 2008


Glenn Greenwald, obviously an avid reader of the Brain, follows up on my earlier comment:

[...] McCain himself isn't actually rich. He just lives off the inherited wealth of his much younger former mistress and now-second-wife -- for whom he dumped his older and disfigured first wife -- and who then used her family's money to fund McCain's political career and keep him living in extreme luxury (after insisting that he sign a prenuptial agreement, which would make McCain the first U.S. President to have one).

In 2004, numerous leading right-wing pundits had many things to say about men who do that:

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily, "President Gigolo?":

But if there is one characteristic of Kerry's life that should disqualify him absolutely as a candidate for president, it is the fact that he has sought out millionaire wives to take care of him. Not to put too fine a point on it, he's a serial gigolo.

Is marrying well good preparation for serving as the president of the United States? . . . . He's always had a net underneath him throughout his political career -- in his case, a net woven of homespun 24K gold.

If his own wife doesn't trust him with her money, why should we trust him with ours?"

Teresa Heinz Kerry is not sure about her husband's character. Are you?

Much, much more along these same lines by various Repug gasbags who are strangely silent about McCain being in EXACTLY the same position.


But will it be when the 'base' figures it out? You know, the ones who think a woman's place is in the home and that God says she should be subservient to her husband? That she should STFU and vote the way she's told to?

Maybe so, maybe no. I think most of 'em'll let it slide lest they lose to us godless commie fucks.

*From Harry's Blues Lyrics:

"An easy rider is the husband or significant other of a whore - thus the name. He doesn't work or pay for sex. It's his easily."

Not exact in McCain's case - he doesn't work, it's true, but he's a career Repug pol so of course he pays for sex. At his age, the gals(?) earn every dime too!

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