Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's why I worry ...

About Barry's chances this fall. Digby looks at the demographics and how different groups get their news. As we all know, far too small a minority get their info from reality-based sources:


I know that most of you are far to busy and too well informed about the issues and the real news to waste time watching the crap the Entertainment Industrial Complex churns out for the rest of the folks, which is why both dday and I spend a lot of time dissecting the television gasbags. It's partially to understand what they are all saying to each other in their tight little feedback loop, but it's also to try to see what the TV news watchers are seeing. Keep in mind that these aren't necessarily stupid people (although some are --- they exist in all groups of humans) but that they simply choose to use television as their primary source of news, which, considering how much of it is available, isn't all that surprising. People who don't have jobs that feature computers or have the time to spend online, naturally put the TV on in the background or sit down to decompress for a bit when they can, and consume their news passively.

And that's where the Village media really has an impact. Their willingness to allow themselves to be conduits --- in words as well as pictures --- for these phony GOP images and manufactured story lines makes them defacto tools of the right wing, who spend many millions developing campaigns for the consumption of fellow villagers --- to disseminate to that 46%.


Unless there is an overhaul of the Washington press corpse corps (and an overhaul of the business of network and print news), the Republicans will have an ready-made propaganda outlet. Unfortunately, there is no oversight of The Fourth Estate.

Off to work. See yas later.

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