Friday, August 22, 2008

This is good ...

Seems the wingnuts are rushing to defend McLame in his ignorance of his personal housing situation. Our friends at Sadly, No read the drivel so you don't have to. Funny, being Ass Rocket can't tell a house from a tie and the other defenses range from "Stupid African" to the Pantload's "But he supported John Kerry". The best one:

... the McCains own a variety of investment properties, which accounts for John McCain’s not being able to give precise number ...

Just proves the point: The Republicans are the Party of The Elite.

I got investments too and if I owned more homes than the one I live in, I'd know it. Thing is, there's a buncha Americans who'll listen to this shit and think "okay, that explains it" and move on. It just amazes me how much crap we'll collectively swallow without question.

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