Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Day

Me'n Mrs. G went up to Portola today to see our friends Steve Storz and his sons Neil and Eric who comprise the Storz Performance Trials Demo Team who performed at Portola Railroad Days*. Here's just a taste:

125cc Sherco-mounted Eric Storz

Click to wayembiggen

Eric rode across the old implement tires to get up on the cable reel. He can turn that thing around in a phone booth.

For more on Trials, go see Fixer & Gordon. I'll have more pix of this trip up over there in a coupla days.

Note the badge on the building to the rear. This demonstration was held in the front yard of the Plumas County Sheriff's substation! Friendly folks up there! The folks who invited the Storzes up there laid out the obstacles with a forklift on Friday.

Notice Steve's F-150 on the left. I asked him why he chose the "King Ranch" model. He just said he's a sucker for leather seats!

*Go see this video of why you don't wanta get drunk and pass out on the railroad tracks up hyar inna mountains.

One more and then I'm gonna go collapse. This is the neatest way to advertise a politician I've seen yet, on the side of a small town dirt track Saturday Night Special.

I got no idea whether the candidate was a Dem or a Repug. That seems to be the style this year. Charlie Brown had a booth there and you couldn't tell his party by looking either.

The man behind the wheel climbed in while I was raising the camera to take the picture. With a cell phone in his ear, natcherly. He fired that animal up and I had two thoughts - 1) they must not have much in the way of noise restrictions at the Quincy track, and 2) I was damn glad I had my belt on tight cause I'da jumped outta my pants otherwise!

We stopped for an early dinner at Los Dos Hermanos in Sierraville, the business district of which extends two buildings on either side of a T-intersection. Three of 'em are bars. Heh.

We had a swell day. Me tired now.

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