Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mr. Bush, Enough!!

BuzzFlash lead-in to this piece at Pravda:

What Goes Round Comes Round: Pravda to Bush, "So you have the colossal audacity, Mr. Bush, to “warn” Russia to pull back? As the wanton, perverse war criminal under whose watch the world saw the crime known as “shock and awe” committed, I’d say you were well out of your mind to suggest that Russia should pull back." Oh Dear Me, You Got Us in a Fine Mess, Ollie!

Russia done bad, but Bush set the precedent on "invading other countries in the 21st century", and they're lettin' him know they see through his shit:

What’s a little shock and awe among inferior people we want to rob and destroy, eh?

What do human beings need an infrastructure for?

Why do they need clean water? Why do they need electricity?

What’s a little torture?

What’s a little regime change? Don’t recall when that was a goal of yours?

And you expect your words to be heeded or even listened to? You are joking! It is said when Caligula went mad he heard laughing.

Do you hear people laughing at you Mr. Bush?

Two wrongs do not make a right. Especially when the first of the two wrongs was done by our so-called leader in our name.

I don't agree with Russian aggression in Georgia, of course, but I don't agree with American aggression in Iraq either. I do agree with Pravda calling Bush on his hypocrisy and madness.

Please read the rest.

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