Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Fart Vets Against McCain

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An extensive site about what some of my peer age group thinks.

Also see McCain's Veteran Problem.

It looks like McCain has a veterans problem. This, despite being widely respected as a POW survivor of the Vietnam war. Another indication of trouble for McCain comes from a new report showing that active troops overseas are donating 6:1 to Obama over McCain.

After McCain's 5-and-a-half years as a POW and many more years of service, you would think that looking out for servicemen and veterans would be a top priority. You'd think it'd be one of the few things that might warrant a one-day break from campaigning to return to the Senate and vote on. Maybe he would be inspired to author legislation on behalf of America's servicemen and women, or at least tack his name on someone else's bill. In the same speech, McCain made a bluntly hypocritical and ironic statement that sums up his own position perfectly:

"I suppose from my opponent's vantage point, veterans concerns are just one more issue to be spun or worked to advantage."

You oughta know, McPuke.

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